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Economic Cooperation and Development

The Economic Cooperation and Development Division is responsible for the planning and implementation of economic cooperation and development activities with middle income developing countries, with countries of Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (transition countries) as well as the new Member States of the European Union. It coordinates Switzerland's relations with the World Bank Group, the regional development banks and the economic organisations of the United Nations.

Goal and strategic framework of Economic Cooperation and Development

Based on its core competencies and so as to optimise existing resources, SECO focuses on five priority themes:

  1. Strengthening of economic and financial policy
  2. Improvement of urban infrastructure and utilities
  3. Support to the private sector and entrepreneurship
  4. Promotion of sustainable trade
  5. Fostering of climate-friendly growth

The overall objective is to promote economically, environmentally and socially sustainable growth that will create new jobs, encourage higher productivity and contribute to reducing poverty and inequality. This is achieved by integrating partner countries into the global economy and strengthening the competitive ability of their domestic economies.

The Economic Cooperation and Development Division focuses its support measures in favour of countries that are committed to a serious and effective reform process. The cross-cutting themes of economic governance and gender equality are also taken into account.

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Economic Cooperation and Development (SECO)
Holzikofenweg 36
3003 Berne / Switzerland
Tel. +41 (0) 58 464 09 10
Fax +41 (0) 58 464 09 62


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