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Evaluation of economic cooperation and development

Economic development cooperation is generating results, with 78% of all projects deemed satisfactory. Evaluations, carried out on the basis of SECO's evaluation policy and overseen by an external committee, serve to improve aid effectiveness and render an account.

Evaluations of programmes and projects form the basis for SECO's accountability to Parliament and the general public. Evaluations indicate the developments brought about by SECO and at what cost. Evaluations also provide important information on whether the various interventions are working and where improvements may be made. They are thus part of SECO's institutional learning process and the dialogue with its partners. All results of SECO's evaluations are made available to the public.

Evaluations: financing, accountability and the learning effect
Evaluations: financing, accountability and the learning effect

To ensure an impartial assessment of its projects, SECO conducts internal, external and independent evaluations, assessing its projects on the basis of the OECD/DAC's international criteria.

OECD/DAC criteria
Relevance The extent to which the objectives of a development intervention are consistent with beneficiaries' requirements, the country needs, global priorities and partners' and donors' policies.
The extent to which the development intervention's objectives were achieved, or are expected to be achieved, taking into account their relative importance.
Efficiency A measure of how economically resources/inputs (funds, expertise, time, etc.) are converted to results.
The continuation of benefits from a development intervention after major development assistance has been completed.

SECO's economic development cooperation has yielded positive results. Between the years 2005 and 2014, 78% of the 205 projects subject to external evaluation were classified as at least satisfactory. A total of 54% of projects were delivered on time and within budget. Slightly more than one third of projects required further support from SECO to improve their sustainability.

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