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Links with the Swiss private sector

Switzerland Global Entreprise, the centre of expertise for Swiss foreign trade, regularly holds information events on public invitations to tender to ensure that competitive Swiss companies are also considered in the projects financed by multilateral development banks.

The multilateral development banks (MDBs: the World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Asian, African and Inter-American Development Banks) regularly finance goods and services from the private sector within the scope of their projects. Public invitations to tender are published on their respective websites.

Switzerland has an interest in ensuring that competitive Swiss companies are considered in the context of development projects. Switzerland Global Enterprise, the centre of expertise for Swiss foreign trade, is thus mandated by SECO to inform Swiss companies about invitations to tender issued by the multilateral development banks and to familiarise them with the relevant procedures. Information events are regularly held in Switzerland on the rules and practices for such tenders, occasionally presented by representatives of the MDBs themselves.

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