SECO 17 - Call for Proposals

SECO 17 – Publication of Award

The call for proposal launched on November 14th 2017 and closed on January 19th 2018 for the  SECO 17 – Partnership to Support the UN Sustainable Development Goals  has been completed.

The following proposals have been selected:

  • BlueOrchard Finance: CHF 2’600’000

The proposed project aims to co-funding for the Sub-national Climate Fund  Africa (SnCF) Technical Assistance Facility, allowing the delivery of  project feasibility studies for, and subsequent investment in, waste  valorization, renewable energy and energy efficiency infrastructure  projects in Africa. The project aims to avoid GHG emissions and create  employment opportunities in the targeted African countries.

  • Meloy Fund I: CHF 1’000’000

The proposed TA Facility aims to support investing in the fisheries sector  coupling private capital with investment in natural resource management. The Fisheries Ecosystem Technical Assistance Facility (FETAF) ensures  that businesses engaged by the Meloy Fund achieve the latent value  inherent in managing natural resources to maximize sustainability. The  project aims to avoid GHG emissions and create employment opportunities  in the target countries in Southeast Asia.

  • responsAbility Asset Management AG: CHF 2’500’000

The proposed TA Facility provides instrumental TA support to small  renewable energy projects in Africa and thereby the transition of  African countries towards a climate-friendly energy production by  developing and investing in small to medium-sized renewable energy power plants across Sub-Saharan-Africa. The project also contributes to the  creation and retention of jobs in the target countries.

  • South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd.: CHF 900’000

The aim of the project is to set up a Technical Assistance Facility (TAF), in support of the Asia Energy Transition Fund (AETF). The TAF will provide technical assistance to projects (renewable energy, energy  efficiency and energy storage) that fail to reach an investable stage, contributing to the low-carbon and sustainable evolution of target  countries in Southeast Asia and to the creation and retention of additional jobs.

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