Swiss Import Promotion Programme SIPPO

SIPPO Forum 2019

SIPPO Forum 2019: Procurement 4.0

26.11.2019 – The third SIPPO Forum in Basel in mid-November focused on the political, technological and social aspects of sourcing. Confidence-building in digital trading solutions was a priority topic, especially the question of how possible losers in these developments can be better integrated into the trade.

SIPPO Factsheet (PDF, 138 kB, 16.04.2019)

Global Trade Facilitation Program

Launch Global Trade Facilitation Program Peru

Successful launch in three countries

22.11.2019 – SECO together with the World Customs Organization successfully launched three country projects in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia within the framework of the recently started Global Trade Facilitation Program (PDF, 120 kB, 16.04.2019). Main objective of these interventions is to contribute to fostering and facilitating cross-border trade through enhanced capacities of Customs Administrations and improved procedures.

World Development Report 2020

Global trade and value chains reduce poverty

18.11.2019 - In collaboration with SECO, the World Bank presented its yearly flagship report 2020 in Bern. The report emphasises the importance of trade in reducing poverty. Global value chains remain a driver for economic growth and for more and better jobs.

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