Urban Development Project

Urban development in Sousse

19.01.2023 - SECO works with authorities and stakeholders to design forward-looking strategies for cities. In Sousse, SECO is providing financial and technical support to the authorities during various stages of urban development, from planning and developing sustainable strategies to financing investments and implementing projects.


Nature Finance project

Ecological risks to be given more consideration in global financial flows

19.12.2022 - SECO will provide CHF 5 million in funding for the Nature Finance project (PDF, 191 kB, 19.12.2022). This will enable financial institutions in developing countries to give biological diversity more consideration when financing economic activities. This should increase financial flows to sustainable sectors and companies. The project will also contribute to the alignment of finance with the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.

Winter aid Ukraine

CHF 58 million for bilateral and multilateral support

16.10.2022 - SECO has  signed the contracts for its winter aid package to Ukraine: 14 million will be spent to improve the Ukrainian railway system. 10 million to help Ukraine repair damaged energy infrastructure. In total 2022, SECO supported Ukraine with around CHF 58 million.

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