Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Annual Meeting ADB 2022

27.09.2022 - The Governors of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), among them Switzerland, are meeting at the Annual Meeting in Manila to discuss avenues for sustainable green growth post-Covid-19 in the Asia and Pacific region. The emerging food crisis and the Bank’s role in scaling up climate finance are at the heart of the discussions. In particular, Switzerland is committed to strong partnerships and combating climate change.

International Finance Corporation

Strategic and operational cooperation

20.09.2022 - At the partnership meeting in Bern, SECO and the International Finance Corporation exchanged views on strategic and operational cooperation. Both are committed to a productive private sector, the creation of good investment conditions and sustainable economic development worldwide.

European politics - Second Swiss contribution

Arbeiter bei der Installation von Fotovoltaikanlagen in Niepolomice, Polen

Programmes can be started

31.08.2022 - The Federal Council approved the bilateral implementation agreements for the Swiss contribution to cohesion in Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Malta and Poland. Now Switzerland can move into the operational stage.

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