Second Swiss contribution to EU states

Delegations from four EU countries find inspiration for sustainable tourism on visit to Swiss National Park

15.09.2023 - Switzerland has gained valuable experience with national parks, sustainable tourism and biodiversity conservation. It is now sharing this knowledge with partner states as part of the second Swiss contribution, including the recent study trip that SECO and its partners organised for experts from Bulgaria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Estonia.

International Development Association

25 million to support Ukraine and Moldova

29.06.2023 - Switzerland announces a contribution of 25 million Swiss Francs to support Ukraine and Moldova as part of the International Development Association (IDA) Special Program for Ukraine and Moldova Recovery. This complements Switzerland’s 725 million USD contribution to last year’s twentieth IDA USD 93 billion record replenishment for the world’s poorest countries.

International Cooperation (IC) 2025 to 2028

Sustainable economic growth

20.06.2023 - The FDFA and the EAER have launched a consultation on their joint IC Strategy 2025 to 2028. Interested parties can now express their views on the objectives and priorities. SECO is responsible for international economic cooperation. It uses its specific expertise to support its partner countries in their sustainable economic development. Switzerland has earmarked CHF 11.45 billion for IC between 2025 and 2028.

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