Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin in Vietnam

More and better jobs

Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin led a business and science delegation to Japan and Vietnam from 7 to 14 July. The programme included visits to a number of economic development cooperation projects, among them a textile factory that Switzerland supports as part of the “Better Work” initiative. Switzerland has been Vietnam's economic development partner for over 25 years.

Gender equality

Equal rights means good business

14.06.2019 - The prospect of sustainable development and inclusive growth is an illusion if equal rights do not exist. All of SECO’s projects have equal opportunities for men and women as a key criterion. The SECO-backed Women Banking Champions Programme, for instance, is helping women in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia gain access to financial services.

African Development Bank (AfDB)

SECO and the AfDB promote dynamic entrepreneurship in Africa

13.06.2019 - On the occasion of the Annual Meetings of the AfDB, SECO signed a project with the AfDB to support innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs across Africa. The project aims to strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystems and thereby give start-ups a greater chance of long-term success and create perspectives for young people. This is the first time SECO co-finances a project with the AfDB as an implementing partner.  

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