Public Financial Management

Independent evaluations

28.09.2021 - SECO regularly has its projects and results evaluated. Independent evaluations allow SECO to learn from past activities and use this feedback to improve future activities. The latest independent evaluation found that SECO’s support for better Public Financial Management in its partner countries has performed very strongly against the stated objectives.


Ten years of development finance

09.09.2021 –  The Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging Markets (SIFEM), the development finance institution of the Swiss Confederation, has marked its 10-year anniversary. Founded by SECO SIFEM provides commercially viable SMEs and fast-growing companies with expertise as well as long-term commercial financing in the form of equity and debt. Together with its co-investors, SIFEM has supported and created around 870,000 jobs to date.

Better Gold Initiative

Stronger private responsibility for responsible small-scale gold mining

06.09.2021 – SECO and the Swiss Better Gold Association have launched the third phase of the Swiss Better Gold Initiative. This public-private partnership promotes responsibly extracted gold from artisanal and small-scale mines. The new phase will scale up the initiative’s positive impacts on the ground and start a process to hand-over responsibility from the public sector to the private partner.

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