Cooperation programme with Egypt


Sustainable economic development

04.11.2021 - SECO and the SDC have launched the new Swiss Cooperation Programme 2021–2024 with Egypt. Egypt is a priority country in SECO's economic cooperation and development. The programme supports Egypt in shaping a greener economy, from which the entire population benefits.

Infrastructure supply

Hydropower sustainability

22.10.2021 –  Environmentally friendly infrastructure services are essential to counter the impact of climate change. That is why hydropower plants should also be assessed and certified based on their sustainability performance. A sustainability standard has recently been introduced to help achieve this. SECO supports partner countries in their efforts to develop the capacity to promote hydropower sustainability and co-finances such assessments.

Public Financial Management

Independent evaluations

28.09.2021 - SECO regularly has its projects and results evaluated. Independent evaluations allow SECO to learn from past activities and use this feedback to improve future activities. The latest independent evaluation found that SECO’s support for better Public Financial Management in its partner countries has performed very strongly against the stated objectives.

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