Cooperation programme with Peru 2021-2024

Promoting good conditions

14.12.2021 - SECO has launched a new cooperation programme with Peru. In the period 2021-24, it will put up to USD 80 million towards creating conducive conditions for Peru's continued development. It promotes resilient subnational growth hubs and fosters a competitive, innovative and sustainable private sector. SECO's new programme is a continuation of the decades-long partnership between Switzerland and Peru.

International Development Association (IDA)

Helping developing countries become more resilient

15.12.2021 – In mid-December, 47 countries including Switzerland – raised 93 billion dollars for the 20th replenishment of the IDA, the World Bank's fund for the poorest countries. The 20th replenishment was brought forward by a year to help IDA countries mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and lay the foundations for a green, resilient and inclusive recovery.

Development Finance

SDG Impact Finance Initiative

01.12.2021 – SECO and partners launched the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Impact Finance Initiative. The initiative aims to raise 100 million francs in funding by 2030 from public and philanthropic actors. These funds will be used to unlock up to 1 billion francs in additional private capital towards the SDGs in developing countries.
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