International Cooperation

Federal Council adopts the strategy 2021–24

19.02.2020 - The Federal Council today adopted the dispatch on Switzerland's strategy for international cooperation 2021–24. Swiss development cooperation will become more focused, thereby enhancing its effectiveness. The SECO will focus its bilateral economic cooperation and development activities on 13 priority countries.



World Bank Group and African Development Bank


Switzerland to contribute to capital increases

19.02.2020 - Switzerland intends to contribute CHF 297 million to capital increases at the World Bank Group and the African Development Bank. The Federal Council adopted the relevant dispatch. The two banks are priority multilateral organisations in terms of Switzerland’s international cooperation, and are key actors in implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, particularly with regard to tackling poverty.

Switzerland’s international cooperation

Final report on the implementation of the Message 2017-2020

19.02.2020 - The final report on the implementation of the message on
international cooperation 2017–2020 shows that SECO is largely achieving its objectives, obtaining good results and is actively addressing difficulties.


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