History of the division

The current mission of the Economic Cooperation and Development division has been forged over the past six decades, constantly adapted to meet the needs of its partner countries and to adapt to an ever-changing environment:

SECO Cooperation│1950–1959

Beginnings - modest economic development aid in response to decolonisation.

SECO Cooperation│1960–1969

Gradual institutionalisation of development aid.

SECO Cooperation│1970–1979

A new Federal law is discussed, approved and implemented.

SECO Cooperation│1980–1989

A decade shaped by a debt crisis and the fall of the wall.

SECO Cooperation│1990–1999

New ways in the economic cooperation and development.

SECO Cooperation│2000–2009

Consolidation, concentration and international cooperation.

SECO Cooperation│2010–2018

The global financial and economic situation in the early decade was marked by unstable flow of funds, government default crises, and tight raw material and foodstuff prices.

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