Contributions and financial aid

SECO-SECO supports the programmes and activities of non-governmental organisations, international organisations, multilateral development banks, private companies and partner governments.

Contributions and financial aid support activities that can help achieve SECO’s statutory mandate and objectives.

In order to achieve its goals in the context of economic cooperation, SECO awards mandates and contributions to external organizations.

Infrastructure financing

Within the field of infrastructure financing, SECO works primarily with international partner organisations or multilateral development banks. In doing so, the tender guidelines of these organisations are usually applied. The tenders are generally published on

SECO also awards financial aid directly to partner countries. These are defined in bilateral agreements with the partner government. For project implementation, SECO ensures that the resources are used in an economical, transparent way and in accordance with a fair award process. The regulation of this procurement process is agreed between SECO and the partner governments. The tenders are also published on 

Last modification 23.06.2022

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