SECO awards its mandates in accordance with federal procurement law.

SECO uses the public funds entrusted to it in an effective and economical way. Awarding of the mandates is based on the principles of competition, transparency, efficiency and equal treatment of all bidders. SECO also advocates the sustainable use of public funds.  

In order to achieve its goals in the context of economic cooperation, SECO awards mandates and contributions to external organizations.

Mandates greater than CHF 230,000

Mandates with a volume of more than CHF 230,000 must be offered by public tender. They are published on All interested and suitable bidders may submit an offer.

Mandates less than CHF 230,000

Mandates less than CHF 230,000 may be published through public tender but this is not mandatory. Above CHF 150,000, an invitation process must be carried out. In this case, SECO collects at least three mandates from suitable providers. Mandates below the threshold value of CHF 150,000 can be awarded directly. Tenders are awarded in an economical, transparent and non-discriminatory manner.  

Questions on ongoing tenders

No information may be provided during ongoing tenders. Please submit your questions in writing directly on, using the question / answer forum.

Last modification 06.03.2020

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