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Cooperation Programme Ghana

Ghana 2021-2024

Supporting sustainable growth in Ghana

07.07.2021 – During her visit to Accra, Federal Councillor Simonetta Sommaruga presented SECO’s cooperation programme for Ghana, which is a SECO priority country for economic development cooperation. SECO promotes attractive economic framework conditions for sustainable growth and unlocks more and better jobs and income opportunities.  

Switzerland's Contribution to the enlarged EU

President of the Swiss Confederation Guy Parmelin visits energy projects in Slovenia

08.06.2021 -  President of the Swiss Confederation Guy Parmelin visits a project that has received an award for most sustainable education programme in Slovenia.

Switzerland’s international cooperation

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2020 Annual Report

01.06.2021 - How did Switzerland’s international cooperation react to COVID-19, work towards the climate-friendly growth of developing and emerging countries, and promote equality of the sexes? The newly published 2020 Annual Report on the international cooperation of SECO and SDC provides the answers.


How does sustainable investment work?

12.05.2021 – The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have shaken up the finance industry. Sustainability is now an important consideration for many investors. The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) is also committed to mobilising private capital to help meet the UN SDGs. Die Volkswirtschaft sheds some light on the subject in their series of articles.

New postion paper

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Poverty reduction through jobs

10.05.2021 - A good job is the most effective means to fight poverty and inequality. Those who have a job in their country and earn a decent income have prospects for the future and less pressure to migrate. SECO supports responsible and competitive entrepreneurship in its partner countries. A new position paper shows where it approaches the issue and how its projects and programmes work.

Swiss official development assistance (ODA)

Indonesien 2021-2024

Switzerland ranked 9th in 2020

25.02.2021 – In 2020, Swiss ODA amounted to 3,343 billion Swiss francs, 263 million francs more than in 2019. As a share of gross national income, Swiss ODA totalled 0.48 percent. In international comparison of the 29 member states of the Development Assistance Committee of the OECD, Switzerland ranked 9th in 2020.  

Spring meeting of the IMF and the World Bank Group

Overcoming the COVID-19 crisis and promoting economic recovery

04.09.2021 – A the spring meeting, the measures introduced by the World Bank Group to tackle the COVID-19 crisis and promote a green, resilient and inclusive economic recovery will be discussed. Switzerland supports this comprehensive approach. It is important to work with partners and adhere to strict environmental, social and governance standards.

Voluntary Sustainability Standards

Driving sustainability impacts in global value chains

07.04.2021 – A new Position Paper highlights SECO’s role in driving impacts in global value chains through sustainability standards. Against pressing global challenges linked to climate change, biodiversity loss and poverty, the paper elucidates new trends, analyzes the increasing interlinkages between government regulations and voluntary market-based standards and points at future priorities of SECO’s cooperation.

Rules-based trade system

Use digital tools

03.03.2021 - SECO creates favourable framework conditions for international trade. These increase the chances of developing countries on overseas markets. On 25 March 2021, a virtual event hosted by the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the World Trade Organisation and the European Free Trade Association, in partnership with the International Trade Centre , will show ways in which companies can use digital tools to provide access to promising markets.

Economic cooperation program Indonesia

Indonesien 2021-2024

Competitiveness and sustainability

25.02.2021 - Switzerland and Indonesia renewed their development cooperation by launching SECO’s Economic Development Cooperation Program with Indonesia. The SECO will provide CHF 65 million to support Indonesia in becoming a more competitive, resilient and equitable economy.
Economic Development Cooperation Program (PDF, 5 MB, 17.02.2021)
Website Fostering sustainability in the Indonesian palm oil production


Sustainable production of palm oil

04.02.2021 - SECO is committed to ensuring the production of palm oil in Indonesia in a manner that is both environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Together with the UNDP, SECO fosters dialogue among all relevant stakeholders. This has resulted in an action plan for sustainable palm oil. With the Sustainable Trade Initiative, SECO is also working to achieve greater sustainability in palm oil supply chains.

International cooperation strategy 2021–2024

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Economic growth and sustainable prosperity

01.01.2021 - Switzerland’s new strategy for international cooperation came into force at the beginning of January 2021. SECO will focus on promoting reliable framework conditions and private-sector initiatives in its partner countries. With Swiss expertise and innovative approaches, it aims to facilitate economic growth and sustainable prosperity.  

SECO’s commitment

Confronting challenges

01.01.2021 - SECO has renewed its website. Discover for instance the new multimedia stories. These show how SECO is committed to reducing poverty and addressing global challenges.