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Engagement on climate change

Sustainable economy

17.08.2022 - SECO supports developing countries in the transition to a low-carbon and resilient economy. It systematically considers climate risk and ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its activities. Together with its partners, SECO mobilizes private sector investment in climate-friendly projects.

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Swiss International Cooperation

Annual report 2021

07.07.2022 - Integrated urban development in Tunisia, better gold in South America or global environmental impact investing. Such issues shaped the Swiss economic development cooperation. The annual report 2021 tells stories about how Switzerland reduces poverty and mitigates global risks.

Sustainable Landscape Program in Indonesia

Call for Proposals

28.06.2022 - SECO has launched a Call for Proposals for the implementation of the Sustainable Landscape Program in Indonesia. The program addresses multifaceted challenges of Indonesian commodity producers in a holistic way. Submission deadline is the 21st of August 2022.

Bilateral and multilateral commitment

Swiss support to Ukraine

10.06.2022 - Ukraine is a priority country in terms of Swiss transition cooperation with Eastern Europe. The majority of Swiss projects are able to continue despite the war. They are continually being adapted to the difficult conditions. As a result of the war, Switzerland is also supporting Ukraine at the multilateral level.

Swiss Cooperation Programmes 2022-2025


Renewed cooperation with Albania, Kosovo and Serbia – SECO and the SDC have renewed their cooperation programmes with Albania, Kosovo and Serbia. Through the new programmes, Switzerland is helping to shape a sustainable economy, strengthen democratic governance and respond to the challenges of climate change in these three countries.

2022 Annual Meeting of EBRD

10 million francs for Ukraine

11.05.2022 - At the 2022 Annual Meeting of EBRD Governors in Marrakech, Switzerland welcomed the measures being undertaken by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to support Ukraine. Switzerland is contributing CHF10 million to these measures. Switzerland also calls on the EBRD to concentrate its activities on Ukraine and the existing countries of operations.

Spring Meetings IMF and World Bank Group

Ukraine, digitalisation and the global debt situation

22.04.2022 – At the World Bank Group Spring Meetings, the development committee discussed the impact of the war in Ukraine, digitalisation and the global debt situation. Switzerland welcomed the measures taken by the World Bank Group to support Ukraine.

Switzerland's official development assistance

3'589 billion or 0.51 percent

12.04.2022 - In 2021, Swiss official development assistance (ODA) amounted to CHF 3.589 billion, CHF 243 million more than in 2020. As a share of gross national income, Swiss ODA totalled 0.51%.

SECO's commitment against climate change

SECO's commitment against climate change

28.03.2022 - The severe effects of climate change have hit the poorest countries particulary hard. SECO supports developing countries in emitting fewer greenhouse gases and adapting to climate change.

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Sustainable Development Goals Impact Finance Initiative

Call for proposals for innovative impact finance solutions

22.03.2022 - The SDG Impact Finance Initiative, announced its first call for proposals, preparing to award grants for innovative impact finance solutions. The launch comes three months after SECO, UBS Optimus Foundation, Credit Suisse Foundation and SDC launched the Initiative. It aims to mobilize up to one billion Swiss francs in private capital by 2030 to advance measurable impact in developing countries.

International Cooperation Forum

The Youth and Future Prize "Together we're better"

01.03.2022 - The Youth and Future Prize "Together we're better", launched for the second time by SECO and the SDC, sparked great interest. A total of 62 entries from young people were received. Their goal: to contribute to sustainable development and the reduction of poverty in a country where Switzerland is engaged in international cooperation. The prizes will be presented on 31 March 2022 at the International Cooperation Forum.