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International Cooperation Forum Switzerland

What is peace?

21.02.2024 - The 3rd International Cooperation Forum Switzerland will take place in Basel on 11 and 12 April. This year's theme is ‘What is peace?’. SECO is organising a workshop on the topic of commodities and peace: How can good governance, transparency, accountability and macro-economic management of natural resources promote peace? Registration is now open.  

Urban Development

Trams from Bern and Zurich will soon be doing the rounds in Ukraine

12.01.2024 - The Ukrainian cities of Lviv and Vinnytsia need to replace some of their tram rolling stock and asked Switzerland for support. The cities of Bern and Zurich are supplying them with 11 decommissioned, but fully operational trams, a figure that is likely to rise to 67. SECO is organising and financing the shipment of the trams to Ukraine and the retraining of transport company staff.