Economic development cooperation in the South


Certain areas of Colombia continue to be heavily impacted by the presence of organized armed groups and organized crime. SECO is working to create better economic prospects, thereby also contributing to lasting peace.


After two decades of relative economic success, Ghana now faces a variety of challenges. SECO supports public institutions in their efforts to deliver efficient services. It is also supporting Ghana in diversifying its economy and making it more competitive.


Despite economic growth and a decline in extreme poverty in Indonesia, the gap between rich and poor has widened until recently. SECO aims at long-term growth that will benefit the entire population.


Peru faces challenges such as socio-economic disparities, low competitiveness and weak state institutions. SECO’s main areas of support are the development of economic institutions, private sector competitiveness and access to basic public services.

South Africa

For several years now, South Africa has had to face stagnating growth. SECO supports businesses and the government especially in their efforts to reduce disparities and unlock the economic potential of the country’s burgeoning cities and townships.


Despite an overall positive economic development, Vietnam’s productivity growth remains slow. SECO has three objectives here: a more efficient use of public resources, improved competitiveness of the private sector and sustainable urban development.

Last modification 10.09.2019

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