Annual reports Swiss International Cooperation

SECO Cooperation│Annual report 2016 Swiss International Cooperation

Jahresbericht 2016 Internationale Zusammenarbeit

The Annual Report, published jointly by the SECO and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), examines the results of Switzerland's international cooperation in 2016.

SECO Cooperation│SECO takes stock 2012–2015

SECO zieht Bilanz 2012-2015.JPG

The brochure contains results, project examples and information on the challenges and perspectives of economic cooperation.

SECO Cooperation│Annual report 2015 Swiss International Cooperation

Jahresbericht 2015  Internationale Zusammenarbeit der Schweiz.JPG

The report provides an insight into the different ways in which over the
past year the SECO and SDC have demonstrated their commitment.

SECO Cooperation│Annual report 2014 Swiss International Cooperation

Jahresbericht 2014 Internationale Zusammenarbeit der Schweiz.JPG

In 2014, SECO and SDC continued to tackle poverty and promote sustainable development using a wide range of instruments.

SECO Cooperation│Annual report 2013 Swiss International Cooperation

Jahresbericht 2013 Internationale Zusammenarbeit der Schweiz.JPG

In 2013, for the first time, SECO and SDC worked according to a unified strategy: the message on Switzerland’s International Cooperation in 2013–2016.

SECO Cooperation│Annual report 2016 Swiss Enlargement contribution

Jahresbericht Erweiterungsbeitrag 206

The report shows the results and the state of progress, e.g. in the dual vocational training programme in Slovakia, the fight against human trafficking in Bulgaria and Romania, the rehabilitation of a port in Latvia, and a venture capital fund in Hungary.

SECO Cooperation│Annual report 2015 Swiss Enlargement Contribution

Jahresbericht 2015 Erweiterungsbeitrag.JPG

The annual report illustrates the results of the enlargement contribution.

SECO Cooperation│The Swiss Enlargement contribution Interim report Bulgaria and Romania 2009–2014

Der Schweizer Erweiterungsbeitrag Zwischenbilanz Bulgarien und Rumänien 2009 - 2014.JPG

The Swiss Enlargement Contribution Interim report for the end of the commitment period in Bulgaria and Romania 2009–2014.

SECO Cooperation│Annual report 2014 Swiss enlargement contribution

Jahresbericht 2014 Erweiterungsbeitrag.JPG

As illustrated in this annual report, there is much to report on new developments in 2014.

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