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SECO Cooperation│Skills Development

Skills Development

This position paper explains SECO’s approach to skills development within its economic development cooperation.

SECO Cooperation│Brief portrait

Kurzportrait SECO Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbei und Entwicklung.JPG

The brochure contains results, project examples and information on the challenges and different perspectives of international cooperation.

SECO Cooperation│Fostering climate-friendly growth


Developing countries are particularly affected by the consequences of climate change. SECO therefore supports climate-friendly economic growth in its partner countries.

SECO Cooperation│Budget Support Strategy

Budgethilfestrategie (2014).JPG

This document describes the strategic framework underlying SECO’s budget support operations.

SECO Cooperation│Jobs - as a cornerstone of development

Arbeitsplätze - ein Hebel der Entwicklung.JPG

SECO promotes measures that can be used to create jobs and increase productivity.

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