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Portrait SECO's economic development cooperation

For sustainable prosperity
SECO's economic development cooperation

Development and Climate Change

Climate change is expected to reduce economic growth, push millions of people further into poverty and limit opportunities for sustainable development. SECO is committed to addressing climate change as part of its efforts to foster sustainable economic growth in partner countries.

More and better jobs as a cornerstone of development

SECO promotes measures that can be used to create jobs and increase productivity.

Skills Development

This position paper explains SECO’s approach to skills development within its economic development cooperation.

Currently only available in german

SECO Approach to Private Sector Engagement

This Approach Paper shows how engaging with the private sector can make a significant contribution to SECO’s objective of reducing poverty and managing global risks and where SECO explores  opportunities to enter into new forms of partnership.

SECO Policy Paper Sustainable Tourism

Nachhaltiger Tourismus

In the context of the international year of sustainable tourism, SECO has drafted a policy paper on this topic. It highlights the impact of tourism and how it can contribute to poverty reduction in developing countries.

Last modification 03.04.2024

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