Thematic dossiers

SECO Approach to Partnering with the Private Sector

This Approach Paper shows how partnering with the private sector can make a significant contribution to SECO’s objective of reducing poverty and managing global risks and where SECO explores  opportunities to enter into new forms of partnership.

SECO Policy Paper Sustainable Tourism

Nachhaltiger Tourismus

In the context of the international year of sustainable tourism, SECO has drafted a policy paper on this topic. It highlights the impact of tourism and how it can contribute to poverty reduction in developing countries.

Skills Development

This position paper explains SECO’s approach to skills development within its economic development cooperation.

Review of success stories in urban water utility reform

Review of success stories in urban water utility reform.JPG

SECO supports public infrastructure utilities in partner countries to improve their business practices. This report offers the key analytical elements.

Urban Water Utility Reform - A tool for analysis and dialogue

Review of success stories in urban water utility reform.JPG

Key tables and diagrams from the Review of Success Stories in Urban Water Utility Reform are presented in this document - forming a tool for analysis and dialogue.  

Fostering climate-friendly growth


Developing countries are particularly affected by the consequences of climate change. SECO therefore supports climate-friendly economic growth in its partner countries.

SECO’s Budget Support Strategy

Budgethilfestrategie (2014).JPG

This document describes the strategic framework underlying SECO’s budget support operations.

Jobs as a cornerstone of development

Arbeitsplätze - ein Hebel der Entwicklung.JPG

SECO promotes measures that can be used to create jobs and increase productivity.

Less debt: More money for development


Debt management plays a central role for sound public finances and macroeconomic stability.

Tax for Development

Tax for Development.j.JPG

Tax policy and tax administration reforms have been at the centre of SECO’s interventions in developing countries since the mid-1990s.  

SECO Approach to Partnering with the Private Sector

SECO Approach to Partnering with the Private Sector.JPG

This positioning paper clarifies SECO’s position in partnering with the private sector. It outlines SECO’s objectives as well as the principles governing these collaborative arrangements.

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