Kyrgyzstan is a priority country of Switzerland’s transition cooperation with Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan joined the Eurasian Economic Union in 2015. However, it is still very vulnerable to external shocks. Within the framework of Swiss cooperation with Central Asia, SECO strengthens macroeconomic, trade and business-friendly framework conditions as well as access to an affordable, reliable and sustainable infrastructure.

Despite substantial improvements of the economic framework conditions during recent years, Kyrgyzstan is still in strong need of external support. Kyrgyzstan is very dependent on its gold production. Thus, the diversification of its economy through private-sector development and skills training is crucial. The country offers great potential for hydroelectricity production, the expansion of the agriculture sector and tourism.

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SECO improves the framework conditions for SMEs in Kyrgyzstan.

What are SECO’s objectives?

SECO and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) jointly define and implement the Swiss Cooperation Strategy in Central Asia, which includes Kyrgyzstan. SECO’s focus is on.

  • Reinforcing economic governance and improving financial and macroeconomic management.
  • Promoting the private sector, competitiveness and creating jobs: In light of the recession that is affecting several branches, especially the export sector, the increased competitiveness of the private sector should improve the international market position of the SMEs.
  • Economic development and sustainable resource use through improved basic infrastructure: In Kyrgyzstan, some places have good infrastructure. In other areas, however, they are insufficient or out-dated (due to a lack of resources and maintenance). This has a negative impact on the population's standard of living and private investment.

Last modification 04.05.2022

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