Ukraine is a priority country for the Swiss transition cooperation with Eastern Europe. The majority of Swiss projects are able to continue despite the war and remain relevant. They are continually being adapted to the difficult conditions. Switzerland's support for Ukraine through multilateral channels increased considerably due to the consequences of the war.

Current SECO support for Ukraine (PDF, 555 kB, 01.03.2024)In 2023, SECO allocated around CHF 50 million to support Ukraine with measures along its core competencies. Also, in 2024 SECO envisages a contribution of CHF 50 million. In addition, Ukraine’s reconstruction is essential to SECO. This goes beyond the bounds of established international cooperation.

Bustling activity in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk
Many parts of Ukraine are not directly affected by the war; in these areas, there is a certain degree of normality.

Current information and measures taken by the Confederation related to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine can be found on the following pages:

CHF 50 million for bilateral and multilateral support

Support for Ukraine was also a priority for the economic cooperation and development of SECO in 2023. SECO supported Ukraine with around CHF 50 million in 2023.

This aid was financed in 2023 with CHF 10 million from the current program for Ukraine and a supplementary credit 2023 of CHF 140 million (CHF 114 million for Ukraine and CHF 26 million for Moldova). SECO took on CHF 40 million of the CHF 140 million. The support was provided in line with SECO's core competences and built upon bilateral and multilateral projects (see diagram in pdf).

Moreover, Switzerland engages within the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to support Ukraine. In cooperation with the EBRD, a vehicle is being created through which private investments can be safeguarded against war risks. Additionally, SECO has contributed to World Bank initiatives. One of the aims is to maintain the basic non-military functions of the state. With Switzerland's help, the disbursement of salaries and pensions of Ukrainian state employees was upheld. SECO also supported a World Bank report that quantifies the damage caused by the war. The report can be used to prioritize and coordinate reconstruction (Ukraine Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment RDNA2).

SECO (via IFC) provides CHF 9.5 million to support guarantees that reduce the risk for loans in the agricultural sector (Agribusiness Blended Finance Initiative). Banks are thus disposed to provide capital for agricultural companies.

SECO supports the Ukraine Energy Support Fund of the Energy Community with CHF 10 million. One objective is to provide equipment needed to repair Ukraine's energy infrastructure (where possible with Swiss partners).

Before the war, SECO supported Ukraine with around CHF 12 million annually.

Last modification 01.05.2024

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