Gender equality

Without equality between men and women, economic growth and sustainable prosperity that benefits everybody cannot be fully realised. That is why equality of opportunities is factored into all of SECO’s projects.  

Despite the progress made, women still make up the majority of the world’s poor – a phenomenon described as the "feminisation of poverty". Women are thus the main beneficiaries of efforts to promote inclusive growth.

A woman works with tools in a factory.
SECO consistently opposes discrimination. It promotes women’s access to better education and employment opportunities, markets and public services.

SECO systematically addresses the gender dimension in its activities, taking into consideration social norms, legal requirements and gender-specific opportunities and risks.

Equal opportunities for women and men is one of SECO’s key concerns, as most of the world’s poor are female.

SECO strives to achieve equal access for women and men to natural resources, vocational training, markets and services to boost their chances of finding work and participating in the economy.  

Goal and strategy: equal opportunities for all

SECO addresses equality issues extensively in planning, implementing and monitoring its activities. As a rule, no project should place either women or men at a disadvantage.  

Last modification 25.01.2021

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