Fighting corruption

Corruption weakens a society. It undermines a country’s values, stability and rule of law and makes the economy less efficient. Corruption also compromises the effectiveness of international cooperation. SECO combats corruption on several fronts.

Corruption undermines a country’s ability to drive sustainable and inclusive growth. It creates public distrust of the government and other administrative institutions. There is less incentive to invest, and firms and consumers have to pay more for services. The poor are the worst affected.

SECO supports its partner countries in the fight against corruption: Here, customs officials in Indonesia inspect a lorry.

Fighting corruption in partner countries

SECO’s projects seek to support developing countries’ anti-corruption efforts. SECO promotes transparency and efficiency in business and public administration. It works with partner countries to draw up rules and reforms for their authorities. This makes them less susceptible to corruption. It is also why SECO has adopted good governance as a cross-cutting theme.

Zero tolerance of corruption

SECO will not tolerate any degree of corruption in its projects. The same applies for organisations working with its resources. In the event of any corruption, SECO will end the partnership and demand restitution of disbursed funds. Anyone who is involved in or who tacitly condones corruption will face disciplinary measures or criminal proceedings.

SECO’s international cooperation is well equipped to fight corruption.

Last modification 06.04.2018

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