Strategic focus 2021-2024

Adopting a stronger focus for Switzerland's international cooperation will help to make it more effective. SECO will concentrate more closely on promoting sustainable economic growth and social prosperity in its economic cooperation activities.

The Federal Council and parliament set out the strategic direction of Switzerland's international cooperation every four years. From 2021 to 2024, the following strategic goals will be pursued:

  • economic development: contribute to sustainable economic growth, market development and job creation;
  • environment: combat climate change and its effects and manage natural resources sustainably;
  • human development: save lives, ensuring high-quality basic services and reduce the causes of irregular and forced migration;
  • peace and governance: promote peace, the rule of law and gender equality.
Kolumbianische Bauarbeiter auf dem Weg zur Arbeit
Switzerland's international cooperation aims to contribute to human and economic development, environmental protection and peace and governance.

Swiss economic development cooperation defines its thematic and geographic focus areas based on the following criteria:  

  • needs of the population in partner countries,
  • Swiss interests,
  • the comparative advantage of Switzerland's international cooperation in terms of added value, expertise and innovation.

CHF 11.25 billion over four years

It is foreseen that five framework credits totalling CHF 11.25 billion will be provided to finance the projects and programmes. SECO will manage 13.7%, approximately CHF 1.55 billion, of the total amount. In addition, SECO bears responsibility together with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation for the allocation of the funds to the international financial institutions.

Parliament to consult in 2020

A facultative public consultation was carried out for the first time for the international cooperation 2021-2024. Parties, associations and other interested groups could provide their positions on the Explanatory Report on International Cooperation 2021-2024 up until 23 August 2019. In 2020, the Swiss Federal Council will present the Dispatch on Switzerland's international cooperation for 2021-2024 to the Swiss parliament.

Last modification 02.06.2020

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