SECO’s objectives 2021-2024

With its economic development cooperation strategy for 2021 to 2024, SECO aims to promote economic growth and sustainable prosperity in partner countries.

The Federal Council and parliament set out the strategic direction of Switzerland's international cooperation every four years. In pursuing this direction, SECO will focus on its core area of economic development cooperation.

SECO will have a stronger focus on promoting sustainable economic growth and social prosperity in its economic development cooperation activities.

From 2021 to 2024, SECO will support the creation of reliable economic framework conditions and innovative private-sector initiatives in its partner countries. In doing so, it will offer people and companies access to markets and opportunities, create jobs and give people the possibility to build a future for themselves in their countries. In order to achieve these goals, SECO will focus on eight lines of action.

SECO's programmes and projects pursue a long-term strategy and systematically take concerns regarding gender equality, climate and resource efficiency into account. SECO coordinates its strategic activities with the initiatives of other organisations of the Swiss Federal Administration and works in support of these measures. Cooperation with the private sector and participation in multilateral activities will continue to be intensified.efficiency into account

SECO's strategic focus 2021-2024

Last modification 10.09.2020

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