Access to markets and opportunities

SECO promotes reliable economic framework conditions that facilitate equal access to markets and opportunities for people and companies.

Efficient and non-discriminatory public institutions create predictable incentives, reduce uncertainty and strengthen the trust of citizens and entrepreneurs towards these entities. They allow people, companies and markets to develop and facilitate economic adaptability and resilience.

SECO's priorities

Growth-promoting economic policy

SECO promotes economic policy with positive impact on long-term economic growth.

Rules-based trade system

SECO advocates a trade system that integrates partner countries into the global economy and promotes the use of social and sustainability standards.

Innovation-friendly business environment

SECO promotes a business environment that stimulates the competitiveness, productivity and growth of companies.

Urban development and infrastructure provision

SECO is committed to integrated urban development and infrastructure provision that improve urban mobility, energy supply and resilience to natural disasters.

Last modification 28.12.2020

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